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News and Events: What's going on this season?

This page will tell you about seasonal changes and issues we have observed in ponds.
In Spring and Summer we see Koi spawning. Males follow and bump females, eager to fertilize eggs. Masses of koi eggs (pictured to the left) sometimes appear in ponds. Excessive quantities of unfertilized eggs can sometimes cause rising levels of dangerous amonia unless removed from the pond.

Watch for stunning dragon flies dancing on the water in Summer.

Green Water, also known as New Pond Syndrome or Pea Soup Syndrome can plague ponds when the weather is hot or events cause the pond to go out of balance. An Ultra Violet Clarifier is the most effective device to clarify water by deactivating the DNA of single-celled planktonic algae. It does not require the use of any chemicals.

A new phenomenon in Southern California is green water caused by a multi-celled algae that  constantly grows on surfaces and sluffs-0ff  creating a pea soup affect and floating "pond scum". The only management tool we have discovered to control it involves weekly treatments with Algae Fix algaecide and brushing the pond surfaces to allow the filters to pick up the algae particles. Please contact us if you have information about this unique algae.